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10 ton Coal Biomass Fired Steam Boiler for Feed Processing Plant in the Philippines


In the process of feed production, feed raw materials need to be heated to ripen, which is convenient for animals to digest and absorb, so the boiler is an essential heat source equipment in the feed processing industry. As a developing country with steady economic growth, the feed processing industry in the Philippines has also developed rapidly. Facing the market demand, a Philippine feed processing company decided to expand the production scale and purchase a more efficient steam boiler to ensure the stable operation of feed production line and high quality of feed.As “The Belt and Road” is launched, Sitong boiler seize the opportunity to develop international trade in the forenoon. Recently, Sitong boiler reached cooperation with the company by its strong strength. 

In order to reduce the operation cost of the enterprise, the feed processing plant decided to add rice husk into the coal as boiler fuel for mixed combustion, which not only turned rice husk into treasure, promoted the recycling of biological resources, but also improved the economic benefits of the enterprise. According to the requirements of the customer, Sitong boiler has reasonably designed the feed hopper, grate width and length according to the characteristics of the combined fuel of "lignite & rice husk", and customized a 10 ton SZL series steam boiler suitable for the actual needs of its production line. The thermal efficiency is more than 5% higher than that of the conventional boiler system in the industry, realizing the efficient conversion of heat energy. At present, the steam boiler has successfully arrived at the feed processing plant in the Philippines and completed its installation. is under the guidance of local technicians in the whole installation process is under the guidance from local technicians of  Sitong Boiler. In this regard, our customers spoke highly of Sitong boiler.

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