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2 ton Single Drum Coal Fired Steam Boiler Used for Petrolic Chemical Industry in Pakistan


The main production processes in refineries usually include crude oil distillation (atmospheric and vacuum distillation), thermal cracking, catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, petroleum coking, catalytic reforming, refinery gas processing, and petroleum product refining. Steam boiler is an important equipment frequently used in the production process of light oil refining industry. The steam is an indispensable heat source and power source in petrochemical production. It is not only used in petrochemical production processes, but also can heat petroleum and increase its fluidity. Generally, heat is provided in the processes of crude oil vacuum distillation, vacuum fraction, and deep processing of residue coking in refined oil refining. Sitong Boiler has served multiple domestic and foreign refined oil refining enterprises and has many years of project experience in this industry. Due to the particularity of using boilers in chemical enterprises, Sitong Boiler's technical personnel will customize technical solutions that meet the needs of petrochemical production based on the safety factors and control methods of users for ensuring the simplicity and safety of boiler operation to the greatest extent possible.

The request of boiler procurement to Sitong Boiler this time is from a petrochemical company in Pakistan. In order to further expand the scale of the enterprise, the customer decided to purchase a steam boiler for the heat source supply in the refining process, and requires the boiler to have stable heating and sufficient steam output performance characteristics. Sitong Boiler's sales manager recommended a 2-ton DZL series coal fired steam boiler to them after getting the customer's production scale and actual steam demand. This boiler is a single drum coal-fired water and fire tube boiler which can use anthracite, lean coal, etc. as boiler fuel. It has the advantages of compact structure, simple volume, energy saving and low emission, and is a popular heating equipment in the production of steam for many small and medium-sized enterprises. Sitong Boiler's DZL series coal fired steam boiler uses a highly efficient heat transfer element - a threaded smoke pipe - that Sitong Boiler has been researching for many years to enhance heat transfer. At the same time, a scientifically reasonable furnace arch structure and air distribution ratio ensure sufficient fuel combustion, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler. In addition, the unique water and fire tube three return design of the boiler fundamentally solves the problem of tube plate cracking in pure fire tube boilers, providing a guarantee for the production safety of enterprises.

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