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4 ton Biomass Boiler Used for a Textile Factory of One of the Largest Textile Groups in Mauritius


The textile printing and dyeing industry is an industry that is closely related to the national economy and people's livelihood. With the development of the economy, the industry has also made significant progress. There are also many problems along with the development, such as inadequate sewage treatment and large exhaust emissions. Industrial boilers can reduce a significant portion of exhaust emissions through their treatment as indispensable and important equipment in the textile printing and dyeing industry. The biomass boilers produced by Sitong Boiler contribute to the smooth implementation of this governance work. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection among people and the strong support of local environmental protection policies and preferential policies, many textile printing and dyeing enterprises have now abandoned traditional coal fired boilers while use biomass boilers. This customer of Sitong Boiler's is a textile factory in Madagascar, whose headquarter is in Mauritius. This enterprise is one of the largest textile groups in Mauritius with multiple factories in Madagascar. We are providing boilers to one of them this time. The stable heat source provided by industrial boilers plays an indispensable role in the textile production process. We have customized an American Standard 4-ton DZH series moving grate biomass boiler for them based on the customer's production capacity requirements.
Sitong Boiler's DZH series biomass boiler is a single drum vertical movable grate boiler produced using advanced technology, with strong load operation capacity. There are light tube water-cooled walls on both sides of the furnace, forming a wing shaped flue, and a group of flue pipes are arranged inside the boiler barrel. The boiler is equipped with a blower and an induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation. And the combustion equipment adopts a compact dense hole grate, which is particularly suitable for the combustion of biomass particles. The fuel is manually fed and the burned flame passes through the rear wall to the combustion chamber. Then it enters the wing shaped flue upwards, passes through the threaded smoke pipe of the front smoke box and then it will be pumped to the chimney through an energy-saving device, air preheater, and dust collector. Finally it will be discharged into the atmosphere by an induced draft fan. In addition, the use of automatic control technologies such as water supply automatic regulation, program start stop, fully automatic operation, high pressure alarm, flameout protection, and various safety devices ensures the safe and reliable operation of the boiler.
The picture shows that the boiler has arrived at the port and is going to be shipped.
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