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5 ton Oil Fired Steam Boiler Used for Heating Support of a Hotel in Uzbekistan


A large modern hotel in Uzbekistan that integrates catering, accommodation, meetings, leisure, and entertainment had a plan to purchase an energy-saving and environmentally friendly steam boiler, and they successfully contacted our sales manager of Sitong Boiler at the beginning in 2023 to discuss related matters. It is understood that the boilers in hotels are mainly used for heating and sanitary hot water supply, and some hotels also need to supply laundry and kitchen steam. The configuration of traditional hotel boilers is steam boilers or hot water boilers, which are heated through plate heat exchangers and supplied with sanitary hot water through volumetric heat exchangers. The energy consumption of public buildings such as hotels is mainly used for air conditioning, lighting, hot water supply, elevators, etc. Various factors will lead to different operation periods of various service facilities and the particularity of their energy consumptionin the hotel, such as different functions of various facilities in the hotel, different operation times, changes in the average occupancy rate throughout the year, adjustment of indoor environment and air conditioning parameters. Therefore, the requirements for the boiler control system are very high. The sales manager of Sitong Boiler recommended a 5-ton WNS series oil fired steam boiler for the heating of the customer's hotel considering the high proportion of energy consumption in the hotel industry's revenue and the locally abundant natural gas resources .


Sitong Boiler provides the WNS series steam boiler for this customer, which can use clean energy natural gas as fuel and reduce air pollution emissions. The boiler adopts a large diameter corrugated furnace liner developed by Sitong Boiler, effectively increasing the heat transfer area of the furnace liner, and it is equipped with an imported low nitrogen combustion machine to ensure full fuel combustion while effectively suppressing the generation of nitrogen oxides, meeting the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection. In addition, Sitong Boiler's WNS series oil fired steam boiler adopts a fully automatic intelligent control system, which automatically regulates and protects combustion, water level, temperature, and steam pressure, greatly improving the safe operation ability of customer hotels. Once it is put into use, the boiler can not only save the company's fuel costs, but also achieve the environmental protection goal of low nitrogen emissions, truly helping the customer's hotel achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. The picture shows the delivery site of the boiler:


Delivery video on Youtube:


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