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1 ton Diesel and Biomass Fired Fixed Grate Boiler Used for Rapeseed Oil Production in Australia


At present, palm oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil occupy the position of the three major vegetable oils in the world. In the transformation period of the rapid development of the global economy, the edible oil industry will inevitably face unlimited opportunities and challenges, and the requirements for technology and supporting facilities will also become more stringent. In order to improve the core competitiveness of edible oil enterprises, they must accelerate the transformation, make full use of advanced science and technology, and produce safe and healthy edible oil, so as to achieve simultaneous improvement of production quality and efficiency. The boiler is an important equipment in the edible oil industry, providing thermal energy support for the complicated production processes of drying/cooling - hot air drying - suction cooling - grits crushing/peeling - steam frying in the edible oil processing. Whether the boiler can stably provide heat energy for a long time has a direct impact on the product quality of the edible oil factory. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend for every edible oil factory to choose high-quality energy-saving and environment-friendly boilers, which can not only effectively improve production quality and efficiency, but also reduce boiler operating costs.


This time, an Australian rapeseed oil factory ordered a 1-ton DZG series steam boiler for their production from SITONG BOILER.DZG series boiler is a single-drum vertical water-fire tube shell boiler, and the combustion equipment is a fixed grate. The water walls on the left and right sides of the furnace are arranged with radiation heating surfaces, and the two wings of the furnace are convection heating surfaces. The boiler adopts threaded smoke pipe to enhance heat transfer effect, and the boiler heats up and pressurizes quickly. The flue gas has a disturbing effect in the pipe, and it is not easy to accumulate dust in the pipe, which plays a role of self-cleaning, improves the heat transfer coefficient, and also improves the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler. The boiler has the characteristics of stable operation, convenient adjustment, sufficient output and strong load regulation ability. The picture shows the delivery of this DZG series steam boiler:

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