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25 ton SZL Series Biomass Fired Steam Boiler for a Food Factory in the Philippines


A food factory mainly producing instant noodles, biscuits and cookies in the Philippines needs to introduce a biomass fired steam boiler, and puts forward strict requirements for the environmental protection performance of the boiler. After extensive market research, the company chose an environment-friendly SZL biomass fired steam boiler under Sitong. In the production process of instant noodles, both steaming and frying processes need steam, and a large amount of steam is required as the heat source in the process. And the requirements for boilers are very high. On the one hand, the quality and control of steam affect the quality of final products, and the consumption of steam also affects the cost of single products. In this application, the quality of steam has a significant impact on the steaming process.

The SZL series biomass fired steam boiler under Sitong is a double drum longitudinal chain grate boiler. The boiler adopts quick assembly or assembly structure, which is easy to install. The 25 ton boiler of the food factory is composed of upper and lower parts. The upper part is the heating surface of the body and the lower part is the combustion equipment. The boiler installation has been basically completed before leaving the factory. The on-site installation process is simple, the cycle is short and the cost is low, which saves time and installation cost for the enterprise.The boiler combustion equipment adopts a unique structural design. According to different tonnage, the grate is equipped with different numbers of independent air silos from front to back. Users can reasonably distribute air according to different combustion conditions to ensure full combustion of fuel. In addition, Sitong's SZL series biomass fired steam boilers are suitable for biomass briquettes, wood chips, corncobs, sawdust and other biomass fuels, and the combustion thermal efficiency of the boiler can reach more than 88%. Users can choose fuels according to their actual needs.

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