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10 ton Oil Fired Steam Boiler and Coal Fired Steam Boiler for Oil Refinery in the Philippines


The enterprise cooperating with Sitong Boiler this time is a grain and oil processing enterprise in the Philippines. Sitong provided 10 tons of WNS1.6-Y and SZL series coal fired steam boiler for the grain and oil production line,especially for the oil refinery, mainly responsible for processes such as de bromination, decolorization, fatty acid, frying pan, etc. In the process of soybean processing into soybean oil, drying, softening and heating, leaching and heating, separation and de bromination, decolorization, refining and heating require a large amount of high-temperature steam; The better the steam quality, the more oil will be produced after "frying pan". This enterprise has very high requirements for the quality of steam output from boilers. After investigating several boiler enterprises in the market, it decided to cooperate with Sitong Boiler, which has more successful cases. Sitong provided it with a 10 ton / h oil fired steam boiler (WNS10-1.6-Y), a SZL series coal-fired steam boiler and supporting auxiliary equipment.


The WNS series gas-fired steam boiler of Sitong Boiler has high thermal efficiency. The flue gas is used for condensation recovery, and the combustion efficiency reaches more than 98%, which can reduce the fuel consumption by more than 4%. The boiler adopts finned tubes with high efficiency and low resistance for heat exchange. The heat exchange surface is sufficient, the resistance at the flue gas side is small, and the heat exchange speed is faster. The boiler is insulated with high-quality centrifugal glass wool to reduce heat dissipation loss, and the insulation effect is excellent. At present, the two boilers have been sent to the Philippines, expecting the feedback from customers after installation and use.

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