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Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Designed for Pakistan


YLW-6000MA coal fired thermal oil boiler is designed for textile factory in Pakistan. The rated power of the thermal oil boiler is 6000KW, and the rated pressure is 0.8MPa. The highest working temperature is no less than 350℃. The thermal oil boiler has the structure of square coil and serpentine coil. It is horizontal type boiler with automatic chain grate.

Firstly, customer was not sure about the boiler capacity he needed. So our engineer recommended the 6000KW boiler according to his production ability and future plan of the factory. Through our introducing, the customer had recognized our design and our technical team.


The customer also worried about that the heating equipment was far away from the thermal oil boiler and the hot oil circulating pump couldn’t deliver the oil to the heating equipment in time. Considering this problem, we re-selected the circulating pump for the customer by calculating the lifting distance.


Otherwise, we also equipped double dust removal, Siemens motor, ID fan and FD fan frequency conversion and PLC control etc., which could improve the thermal efficiency and use conveniently for customers.


We also have YLW-1400MA, YLW-1800MA,YLW-3000MA and YLW-12000MA etc., and YGL series thermal oil boiler so if you need thermal oil boiler, you can find Sitong Boiler. We will provide the best service for you!


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