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4 ton Steam Boiler Used for Food Industry in Sri Lanka


As a member of industrial industry, boiler is an essential power equipment in the production process of food factory. The hot water steam produced by the boiler is widely used in the distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, ripening and other processes of food processing. High temperature steam is used for high-temperature cooking, drying and disinfection of food. As many people know, in the process of food processing, if a steam boiler is used, the steam discharged will come into contact with food directly or indirectly. In other words, the food industry has very high requirements for steam quality. Food safety is the trend of society. In addition to the detection of various stages, a series of equipment such as boilers also need strict process control.


Thus, a food factory in Sri Lanka mainly produces coconut products customized the 4T DZH Steam Boiler from Sitong Boiler with coconut shell as fuel after comparison and investigation of several boiler companies.The DZH Steam Boiler is mainly used in the production and steam supply of food factory after it is put into operation.The new type DZH Steam Boiler of Sitong is the single drum longitudinal type water and fire tube shell water boiler,the burning equipment is the moving grate.The series boiler adopt the newest achievements in scientific research, such as: Arched tube plate, thread smoke tube etc, solve the tube plate crack of Shell type boiler, Water wall tube burst, low efficiency, insufficient of power, Poor of coal type adaptability etc. It has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, convenient adjustment and sufficient output.


In addition to being used for steam supply for food production, some food factories will also configure their own power station boilers for internal power generation, or use hot-water boilers for central heating of their plants, offices and dormitory buildings. Of course, some food factories need hot water boilers for special processing of food. Sitong's DZH series boiler is a power equipment that can burn both coal and biomass. After simple transformation, the transition from biomass fuel boiler to coal-fired boiler can be realized easily!

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