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120kw Biomass Fired Thermal Oil Heater Used for Rice Noodles Production in Lebanon


A Rice noodles factory in Lebanon is mainly engaged in the production, processing, sales and export of rice products. The main products of the company are rice noodles, glutinous rice flour, rice starch, glutinous rice starch, mixed flour, etc. It is reported that the stable and accurate heat source is not only related to the taste and quality of rice noodles, but it also has an impact on the output. In order to ensure the quality of rice noodles products, the rice noodles factory ordered a 120kw YGL series vertical biomass fired thermal oil heater from Sitong Boiler to meet the heating demand of its rice noodles production line for precise temperature control.


This 120kw YGL type biomass fired thermal oil heater is a forced circulation vertical biomass fired thermal oil heater that uses biomass particles as fuel and thermal oil as medium, and utilizes a circulating oil pump to forcibly circulate the thermal oil in the liquid phase, transferring heat energy to the heating equipment and then returning to the heating furnace for reheating. It is an ideal heat supply equipment. It adopts a three-way coil design, with sufficient heating surfaces and sufficient expansion absorption, achieving low pressure and high temperature heating. It can also add energy-saving devices to make the boiler run more energy-saving and efficient. The YGL type biomass fired thermal oil heater produced by Sitong Boiler has the operating characteristics of low pressure and high temperature, and the heating temperature can reach 340 ℃ in the liquid phase. Therefore, it can be used in various production situations where uniform heating is required and direct flame heating is not allowed, and the heating temperature is between 150-380 ℃. The boiler also has advantages such as high heat utilization, good heat transfer performance, safe and reliable operation, complete protection functions, and convenient operation and maintenance. The picture shows the delivery site of the boiler:


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