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3500kw Horizontal Heavy Oil Fired Thermal Oil Heater Used for a Textile Company in Myanmar


As a local leading textile company in Myanmar, it is mainly engaged in the manufacture, processing, printing and sales of textiles, warp and weft knitted fabrics. Dyeing and finishing are the mail processing technology of the company. Its steaming, drying and other processes cannot be separated from continuous and stable heat sources. One hand, the huge heat consumption puts forward higher requirements for industrial boiler equipment. On the other hand, the textile printing and dyeing industry is a highly polluting industry. Now, the development trend of the textile printing and dyeing industry is efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. The textile company also emphasized the above three points when purchasing equipment for its factory. According to the customer's demand, SITONG boiler specially recommended YYQW series heavy oil fired thermal oil heater. In the textile industry, SITONG boiler has helped many textile enterprises complete the "coal to oil/gas" project, achieve efficient and environmentally friendly production, and maintain long-term friendly cooperation with them by virtue of the YYQW series horizontal heavy oil fired thermal oil boiler with excellent quality and performance.


The YYQW series horizontal heavy oil fired thermal oil boiler of SITONG boiler adopts a three-way disc tube structure and is equipped with an advanced low-nitrogen combustion device, which can promote the full combustion of fuel and achieve ultra-low NOx emission. In addition, SITONG boiler's horizontal heavy oil fired thermal oil heater is equipped with various waste heat recovery devices, which can effectively recover and utilize high-temperature flue gas, reduce heat loss and improve the comprehensive thermal efficiency of the boiler. Finally, the boiler is equipped with advanced oil temperature and oil pressure control system to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler. Recently, the boiler has been delivered from our factory. The following figure shows the delivery site of the boiler~


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