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4 Sets of 2100kw Oil Fired Thermal Oil Heater Used for Production of a Chemical Factory in Kazakhstan


The thermal oil boiler is an essential equipment in the chemical industry, which plays an important role in providing thermal energy in production processes such as distillation, distillation, and hydrofining. A certain chemical company in Kazakhstan mainly produces and operates chemical products such as pure benzene, toluene, heavy benzene, light benzene, isooctanoic acid, sodium sulfate, etc. The company has decided to phase out outdated boilers with substandard flue gas emissions with the continuous enhancement of global environmental awareness. They also adhere to the concept of environmental protection in the re selection of boiler equipment, using clean energy natural gas as fuel, and reintroducing low nitrogen and environmentally friendly thermal oil heater. According to the customer's production line requirements, the technical team of Sitong Boiler customized 4 sets of the 2100kw YYW series thermal oil heater technical solution for them, and helped the customer successfully complete installation and debugging within the predetermined schedule. This series of boilers has the characteristics of high temperature and low pressure, fully meeting the high-temperature needs of customers' production lines. And the tail of the furnace body is equipped with corresponding energy-saving equipment such as a waste heat boiler and energy-saving device to achieve the waste heat recovery and utilization of high-temperature flue gas, which can greatly reduce the loss of heat energy.


Sitong Boiler has its unique process in producing the thermal oil heater, which has outstanding advantages in ensuring boiler quality and improving environmental protection effects. It has also established a good reputation in various industries. The YYW series thermal oil heater ordered by the customer adopts a three way circular tube design, with sufficient heating surfaces and a thermal efficiency of over 95%. It adopts advanced combustion equipment, which can achieve NOx emissions below 30mg/m3, with significant environmental protection effects. And the boiler has complete operation control and safety monitoring devices, which can precisely control the working temperature and ensure the safe operation of the boiler. At the same time, this series of thermal oil boilers adopts a fast installation structure. After the overall acceptance of the boiler, it is fully assembled and shipped out, effectively saving the installation time and cost of the enterprise. At present, Sitong Boiler’s installation team has helped the customer successfully complete the installation and commissioning of the boiler. The boiler will soon be put into use, and we are also looking forward to receiving feedback from customers.


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