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2ton DZH Series Animal Waste Fuel Moving Grate Boiler for Thailand Livestock Farm

Model: DZH2-1.25-T

Rated Evaporation Capacity: 2 t/h (2tph, 1.4MW, 1200000Kcal)

Working Pressure: 1.25 MPa (12.5bar, 12.5kg/m2, 181PSI)

Available Fuel: Biomass fuel-animal waste

Application: Livestock farm

Advantages of Sitong DZH Series Biomass Fuel Moving Grate Boiler:

1. Secondary air design

2. Avoid coking, low exhaust gas emission

3. Highcombustion efficiency (≧90%) and thermal efficiency (82%)

4. Variable frequency regulation on blower fan, ID fan and feeder, save energy

5. Automatic controller, safe and easy operation

6. Start-up and heating-up quickly

7. Strong adaptabilityof fuels, low fuel cost

8. Environmental Protection

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