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Let's Witness Wonderful Moments at the Canton Fair together of Sitong Boiler!


The 135th China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Canton Fair") was held in Guangzhou on April 15th. The current Canton Fair with the theme of "serving high-quality development and promoting high-level opening up", will be held in three phases in Guangzhou from April 15th to May 5th. The exhibition is currently in full swing, and Sitong Boiler has also been invited to participate in this exhibition. Our company has made sufficient preparations for booth design and decoration during the exhibition period. We attracted the attention of many exhibitors through carefully designed booth layout and display of exhibits although we could not book a particularly large booth. The representatives our company who went to the exhibition help every customer to quickly understand our company's products and services through excellent business skills, .


We brought Sitong Boiler's latest boiler products to the Canton Fair and emphasized the promotion of our efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and intelligent oil and gas fired boilers. During the exhibition, we developed diversified promotional plans for different customer groups. A diversified promotional plan has been designated, including the distribution of brochures, on-site product explanations, PPT presentations, etc based on the customer's different needs and concerns. And we brought one of Sitong Boiler's most popular boilers-”Once Through Steam Boiler”  to the Canton Fair site, so that exhibitors can have a more intuitive understanding of our boilers. We have successfully attracted a large number of potential customers and even some old overseas customers come to our exhibition site through these promotional activities. Therefore, the exhibition has not only helped us to establish new friendship but also strengthened our cooperation with existing customers.


Today will be our last day at the Canton Fair, and the successful holding of this exhibition has played an important role in promoting Sitong Boiler's business expansion and brand promotion. We have achieved fruitful results through carefully planned and prepared booth design, targeted promotion, diverse interactive activities, and comprehensive summary and analysis.The exhibition activities not only bring us new business opportunities and cooperation opportunities, but also enhance our market competitiveness and brand influence. We will continue to use this exhibition as an opportunity to continuously explore the market, enhance our brand image, and achieve the sustained and stable development of our company's business. At the same time, we will continuously optimize and improve the quality and design of boilers, bringing higher quality products and services to customers and partners. The picture shows our business manager at the Canton Fair:

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<<Sitong Boiler Sincerely Waiting for You Visiting Our Booth at the Canton Fair from 15th -19th April

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