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Sitong Boiler Got High Recognition from Overseas Customers Coming for a Visit and Cooperation!


Customer reception is an important component of foreign trade enterprises engaged in business activities, and it is also an effective carrier for us to conduct business negotiations and customer communication. With the rapid development of our company and the continuous innovation and progress of technology, Sitong Boiler actively expands its overseas market on the basis of continuously expanding and consolidating the domestic market. We have attracted many foreign customers to visit and cooperate. On March 27, 2024, the customers from Russia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan came to our factory in Taikang County, Zhoukou City to inspect boilers, conduct on-site investigations and sign contracts. In order to provide customers with a more comprehensive understanding of Sitong Boiler's development history, business philosophy, technical strength, product quality, etc., we lead them visited our factory, production workshop, and learned about the production process of our boiler products accompanied by sales managers from the International Trade Department of Sitong Boiler. At the same time, our sales managers provided detailed information on the products, technical strength, after-sales service system, and related cooperation cases to the customers.


We also arranged for the customers to the production workshop and visit our component processing, component assembly, electronic control research and development, product testing, cloud operation and maintenance, etc, for providing customers with a more intuitive understanding of how our boiler products are manufactured. We also led the customers to have a detailed understanding of our Sitong Boiler development history and corporate culture. The customer highly praised our production technology and also recognized our technical team. During the visit, our sales managers provided detailed translations and explanations to various questions raised by the customers, which left a deep impression on the customers with their rich professional knowledge.


In addition, the entire investigation was recorded and followed up by Taikang TV station. In the end, our customers and Sitong Boiler's foreign trade supervisor were interviewed by the TV station together. The customer Mr. Anofrikov Oleg said, "I run an oil factory in Russia and first came to China in 2019. I purchased 2 sets of steam boilers from Sitong Boiler at the beginning of my project, and I am very satisfied with Sitong Boiler's products.” Sitong Boiler's rigorous production process, strict quality control, ERP comprehensive management system, and enthusiastic reception left a good impression on him and laid a solid foundation for multiple collaborations between the two parties.


The sales manager of Sitong Boiler's International Trade Department Coco Lee said in the interview, "Today, We warmly welcome the arrival of our customers from overseas. This investigation has deepened the customer's understanding and trust in Sitong Boiler, and we believe that our cooperation will further deepen and the impact will be more extensive. This also truly reflects the willingness of “Sitong Boiler to Warm Every Corner of the World." The trust and recognition of every customer is a great encouragement for Sitong Boiler employees, and it is also the driving force for us to make every boiler product the best!


This high-quality customer reception event not only fully demonstrated the business level, comprehensive quality, negotiation skills, organizational and coordination abilities of our company's business personnel, but also fully demonstrated the company's brand image and comprehensive strength, which can promote the smooth progress of cooperation between both parties and facilitate the smooth progress of project negotiations. At the same time, it can also promote the generation of new cooperative projects and elevate the cooperation between both parties to the level of strategic partnership. Therefore, this foreign customer visit to our factory for investigation plays a crucial role in promoting the sales work of production-oriented enterprises like Sitong Boiler!

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