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Sitong Boiler Paticipates in the 19th HEATEC Exhibition with Low Carbon and Energy Saving Boilers


The 19th Shanghai International Heating Technology Exhibition (2023 Yangtze River Delta Heat Pump and Hydronics Procurement Exhibition) was officially opened in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall yesterday, which will last for 3 days. Sitong Boiler was invited to participate in this Exhibition to provide more solutions for the heating and energy conservation of the food industry in the Yangtze River Delta. Sitong Boiler's booth number at the exhibition is “1M50”. This Exhibition is the largest professional heating exhibition platform targeting business users in China, supporting the "Carbon Peaking&Carbon Neutrality" strategy and empowering green development. Building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system is an important task for the energy-saving transformation of the heating industry with the continuous promotion of China’s “Dual Carbon” strategy and the backdrop of engergy transformation & green development. This exhibition also attracts many overseas users.


HEATEC has been committed to building a high-quality platform that integrates new product release, technical exchange, open channels, and business matching functions for many years as a highly influential and professional one-stop heating technology exhibition platform in the Asian region. The "2023 Yangtze River Delta Heat Pump and Hydronics Procurement Exhibition& List Release of Yangtze River Delta Heat Pump Brand Cluster” and related activities will also be held, so as to achieve common integration with high-quality resources in the HEATEC industry. The exhibition exhibits not only include various industrial boilers, boiler auxiliary equipment, boiler production equipment, boiler water treatment system, boiler transformation engineering system, etc., but also include heat pumps, wall mounted furnaces, steam generators, heaters, and combustion engines Gas safety and control systems, biomass energy technology, and many other products.


What is the principle of energy conservation and emission reduction for industrial boilers? What are the methods?


1.The energy-saving measures of industrial boilers mainly include the energy-saving of system, software and hardware. System energy-saving refers to improving boiler efficiency by optimizing the operating parameters of the boiler. Software energy-saving refers to reducing faults and shutdowns by strengthening boiler cleaning and maintenance. While hardware energy-saving is achieved by improving the structure and design of the boiler to increase the utilization rate of the heating surface.


2.The emission reduction of industrial boilers mainly relies on the use of advanced desulfurization and denitrification, dust removal and ash removal technologies to reduce pollutant emissions. It can also be replaced by clean and renewable energy sources such as biomass fuel, natural gas, biogas, etc.. They have the characteristics of low carbon, low pollution, high efficiency, and can reduce their impact on the environment.


3.At the same time, the energy conservation and emission reduction of industrial boilers can also be achieved through the recycling and utilization of various waste heat. It includes boiler discharge, flue heat, condensate, etc. They can also be recycled through equipment such as heat exchangers, expansion vessels, steam accumulators, etc. to improve energy utilization efficiency. Recycling and utilizing waste heat can reduce the fuel consumption of boilers, increase their output, and also reduce boiler emissions to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.


It’s obviously that energy conservation and emission reduction of industrial boilers is a big project that requires comprehensive consideration and optimization design from multiple aspects. Energy conservation and emission reduction of industrial boilers can not only help enterprises save costs and improve efficiency, but also protect the environment and promote sustainable development. The boilers of Sitong Boiler have the characteristics of energy conservation and emission reduction, sufficient output, high thermal efficiency, and long service life. Welcome to contact us for customization if you have any need, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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